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Welcome to the new BREAKING WAVES section of the 48°North homepage. Hot topics and breaking news will be updated daily to keep you up with the sailing world, near and far. Scroll down to see more.

Clear out the Sail Locker!

The enthusiastic crew over at Sail Sand Point on Lake Washington is looking for your help! Unload your old sails, and help a great organization while you're at it. Donated sails will be sent to the company Sail Bags, who in turn will donate funds to Sail Sand Point to benefit their youth sailing programs. Drop you old, torn, or unwanted sails off at Ballard Sails near Shilshole or at Sail Sand Point. The Sail Drive will end August 31, 2014.

Learn more about SSP Youth Racing programs:


Jonathan McKee Adds Another Title

Seattle legend Jonathan McKee added another championship to his illustrious resume this weekend, calling tactics for Dalton DeVos on Delta, and leading the team to a National Championship in the fiercely competitive Melges 32 Class. There was quite a duel between Dalton DeVos (the youngest helm in the fleet), and his brother Ryan, who had a tactician you also may have heard of, Jimmy Spithill. Ultimately, Dalton DeVos/McKee and the Delta team bested Ryan DeVos/Spithill by a one point margin!


Update to Sept. Classifieds Deadline

We were informed today of a typo in the Classifieds section stating that the deadline for September was the 20th when it was in fact the 13th of August. Due to a high volume of Classified submissions, we are no longer taking Classified entries for the September issue. We apologize for the inconvenience, we are very human and it will probably never happen again.


Coho Ho Ho is a Go Go

Yesterday, seven Seattle-area sailboats departed from Anacortes for the 2nd Annual Coho Ho Ho Rally from Seattle to San Diego, with a stop in San Francisco. Several other boats have already left, and another will join out of Portland in a few days. All told, eleven vessels are participating in this year's rally. Follow their progress at or on the big world map at Dockside Solutions at Shilshole.


Stolen Boat Recovered!

A friend of Lynn and Teresa Sjolander, Jim Harvey, put up a flyer about their stolen boat, "Arpege," at Shilshole Marina. Jacques Endreo, owner of Blue Horizon Marine, saw the flyer and thought he’d seen the boat. They went down to Elliott Bay Marina and there it was. The door looked like it had been kicked in, then repaired. The boat thief (thieves) were not apprehended but police are going over the boat for clues.

Boat Stolen from Everett Marina
"Arpege," Spencer 35

The 1978 Spencer 35 sailboat, "Arpege," white hull with blue toe rail, stolen from Everett marina. The boat was taken the end of July or the first week in August.If you see this boat please contact Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound 206-217-6001

Thank you for keeping an eye out for our boat.
Lynn Sjolander



Sailors Rescued
HONOLULU — The three sailors aboard the 42-foot sailboat, Walkabout, have been rescued by a container ship, in a rescue coordinated by the US Coast guard. All are said to be in good condition.

"The sailors were pulled aboard the container ship at about 8 a.m.," said Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer Gene Maestas. "They're safe and in good condition," he said.

August 11, 2014
UPDATE: Rescue underway for sailboat caught in Hurricane Julio

HONOLULU — The Coast Guard is coordinating the rescue of a 42-foot sailboat caught in Hurricane Julio 414 miles northeast of Oahu Sunday.

Sailing vessel Walkabout is disabled and taking on water with three people aboard. On-scene conditions are reported as 92 to 115 mph winds with 30-foot seas. One of the hatches has blown away and onboard bilge pumps are unable to keep up with the rate of flooding. The vessel's life raft has also been blown overboard.

At 7:15 a.m., watchstanders at the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Honolulu received notification from the International Emergency Response Coordination Center in Texas that an alert message was received from Walkabout requesting Coast Guard assistance.

JRCC diverted an airplane from the National Hurricane Center, Teal 76, from inside Hurricane Julio to locate the vessel and establish VHF radio communications.

At 10:49 a.m., Teal 76 reported Mayday calls being broadcast from Walkabout.

An HC-130 Hercules airplane crew launched from Air Station Barbers Point at 11:10 a.m. to deliver a life raft and relieve Teal 76.

After a two-hour transit, the Hercules crew arrived on scene and dropped dewatering equipment and life rafts to the Walkabout. The Walkabout was unable to retrieve the equipment due to rough on-scene conditions.

The Hercules crew returned to Oahu due to fuel limitations.

A second Hercules airplane crew departed from Air Station Barbers Point at 5:15 p.m. enroute to the vessel’s location and arrived on scene at 7 p.m.

The Hercules crew will remain on scene until 661-foot Matson container ship Manukai arrives to the Walkabout's location.

JRCC is receiving hourly position updates of the Walkabout from a Delorme device aboard the boat.

Click for Coast Guard Latest Update


2014 WIRW BONUS for 2015

What a fantastic week!! High on precipitation, low on wind, and dreary looks all around! Oh, what fun! The PRO managed to get several terrific races off, though, so “It’s all good!” as one might say. Enjoy these photos, as Boat Boy, Mocha, and I enjoyed gathering them.

BONUS!! 100% of the $$$ collected from sales of the photos from this set, through August 31, 2014, will be donated directly to the 2015 WIRW Youth Sailing Camp budget. Look hard, dig deep, spend wildly, and get ready for 2015 … the beginning of a new era!!! J

Click here to view pictures from Whidbey Island Race Week 2014

Jan Anderson
Jan’s Marine Photography
(253) 905-5972



Kirkland - The tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain have scheduled their annual call on Kirkland for August 25 to September 1 (Labor Day). The ships will operate from Carillon Point Marina, 1200 Carillon Point, Kirkland. Lady Washington, Washington state's official ship, and Hawaiian Chieftain, which specializes in K-12 education programs, will offer public tours and excursions.

Evening Sails and Adventure Sails are family excursions featuring an opportunity to help raise a sail, sing a sea shanty, and take the helm of a real tall ship, conditions permitting. Tickets are value-priced at $33 all ages for the Wednesday, August 27 Evening Sail. The August 22 and 23 Evening Sails, as well as the August 31 Adventure Sail, are $43 all ages. Battle Sails, the ships' most popular activity, feature both vessels in a simulation of a typical 18th century naval skirmish, featuring close-quarters maneuvers and real cannon fire (but no cannon balls). Tickets are $63 adults, $53 for students/seniors/active military, $43 children 12 and under.

Tickets for all sailings may be purchased online at or by calling 800-200-5239.

Walk-on tours are an opportunity to visit the ships and speak to the crews, who will be in period costume. A $3 donation per person supports the ships' educational programs. No reservations are required.


How to satisfy a Skipper
A Skipper is walking through town, looking for crew, when he sees a five-story building with a sign that reads, “Crew Association: Yacht Crew Available”.

Since he is without crew, he decides to go in.

The Security Guard, a very salty type, explains to him how it works. “We have five floors. Go up floor by floor and once you find what you are looking for, for crew, you can go there and make a selection. It’s easy to decide since each floor has a sign telling you who’s inside.”

Everything seems straightforward enough, so the skipper starts going up and on the first floor the sign reads, “All the crew on this floor are beginners.” The skipper laughs, and without hesitation moves on to the next floor.

The sign on the second floor reads, “All the crew here are experienced, smart but weak. “Still, this isn’t good enough, so the Skipper continues on up.

He reaches the third floor and the sign reads, “All the crew here are experienced, smart and strong.” He still wants to do better, and so, knowing there are still two floors left, he keeps going.

On the fourth floor, the sign is perfect, “All the crew here are experienced, smart, strong and former America’s Cup Champions.” The Skipper gets excited and is about to go in when he realizes that there is still one floor left.

Wondering what he is missing, he heads up to the fifth floor. There he finds a sign that reads, “There is no crew here. This floor was built only to prove that there is no way to satisfy a Skipper!”

Contributed by Peter Howson
Courtesy of Scuttlebutt