Each month, the entire issue of 48° North appears online in addition to its traditional print format. The online version is identical to the print version, meaning ALL classified ads will be placed online exactly as they appear in print version. The online edition includes hyperlinks for all email and web addresses -- readers will only have to click on your ad to be directed to your website or email address! The 40,000 viewers who visit 48north.com on a monthly basis are only a click away form reaching you directly!

*** Please call 206-789-7350 to place a Business Classified Ad ***


2014 Classified DEADLINES ARE at 5:00 PM -- every month - Please see specific deadline dates below -- for ad to appear in following month's issue.

November 2015 DEADLINE: October 14
December 2015 DEADLINE: November 11
January 2016 DEADLINE: December 10, 2015
February 2016 DEADLINE: January 13
March 2016 DEADLINE: February 10
April 2016 DEADLINE: March 16
May 2016 DEADLINE: April 13
June 2016 DEADLINE: May 18
July 2016 DEADLINE: June 15
August 2016 DEADLINE: July 13
September 2016 DEADLINE: August 17
October 2016 DEADLINE: September 14
November 2016 DEADLINE: October 19
December 2016 DEADLINE: November 16

How to place your classified ad in 48° North Magazine

1. Write the ad describing the item or service for sale.

2. Calculate the cost from this rate schedule:
Personal/Individual Classified Ad: $21 for 30 words or less. Each additional 10 words add $7.00.
For a photos, add $18 for B/W, $28 for color (photo space allotted is: 1 1/4 inch (height) with a 2 3/8 inch (width)

Personal/Individual Classified Ad Examples
text onlywith B/W photowith color photo
30 words $21.00$39$49
40 words $28.00$46$56
50 words $35.00$53$63
60 words $42.00$60$70
70 words $49.00$67$77
80 words $56.00$74$85
90 words $63.00$81$91
100 words $70.00$88$98
110 words $77.00$95$106
120 words $84.00$102$112
3. Place Classified Ad Online OR by phone, fax or mail; send us the ad copy and payment information.
Ads taken by phone will include $3 dictation charge.


Payment by Visa or Mastercard, or check must accompany ad through the mail. We are not set up for billing.

SCAM ALERT: Disclosure of contact information such as an email address or phone number is accompanied by the risk of fraud or being targeted by a scam. Be wary of this possibility and cautious regarding correspondences with prospective buyers – especially email exchanges. Using an email account separate from your personal account in your advertisement is advisable. This is beneficial because all communications concerning the advertised item will be grouped in one place and, once the item is off the market, the account can be deleted.
Go to: gmail.com, yahoomail.com or hotmail.com to create a new, free email account.
To report scams, go to: www.ftc.gov or www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

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