Hobie Magic 25
by Richard Hazelton
You know you're dealing with a fun group when they hand you a coaster with the class rules printed on the back.

Long known for it's legendary catamarans, Hobie Cats has joined the sportboat derby with the Magic 25. Designed by famed Australian designers Iain Murray & Associates, the boat is high tech, yet simple. The mast is mounted on an hydraulic ram which eliminates the need for a backstay, making room for the huge roach on the main. Mast, boom, bow pole and tiller are all carbon fibre. Hull and deck laminates are glass reinforced carbon fiber with a structural frame integrated in the hull to add stiffness. Everything is built to very strict one-design standards to ensure level racing. On the trailer, with sails, the Hobie Magic is comparable to other sport boats of its size selling for about $40,000.

I sailed the boat in San Diego Bay and, when we weren't cutting kelp (kelp cutter on leading edge of keel optional) it was a blast. The boat is lively but has the feel of a much larger boat, especially when you have three people out on the wires.

Obviously three people on trapezes add quite a bit to the boat's performance capabilities, and, comfort-wise, it sure beat sitting on a rail. When we had two Magics side by side, the one with people out on the wire was easily higher and faster, of course. And, when we did an evening beer-can race, it made us faster than other sport boats of comparable size. Again, that's with people out on the wires. This is the boon and bain of the Magic. Currently, PHRF NW frowns on people hanging outside of the lifelines, so you really need a one-design fleet to enjoy the full performance of racing the boat.

Sailing the Hobie Magic 25 was a kick. Whether racing one design or sailing for pure enjoyment of it, the boat definitely lives up to the Hobie reputation for fast, fun, reliable boats.

1,870 lbs.
858 lbs.
Sail Area:
278 sf
137 sf
521 sf
Designer Iain Murray & Assoc.

Hobie Cat
2925 East Oceanside Boulevard
Oceanside, CA 92056
1-800-HOBIE-49 x125

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